Code of being

Gallery WITHSPACE, Beijing, 19 Sep - 31 Oct 2009
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Bright Treasure Art Projects (BTAP) is delighted to announce a group exhibition of 'young international artists'. Bringing them from London to one of the most promising art galleries in the centre of the famous 798 Dansanzi Art District in Beijing, China. This group exhibition is all about three artists' views and interpretation of the world they exist in. Their close observation of their surroundings and the passing of time is individually and uniquely interpreted on their canvases. Our existence and the fundamental workings of the universe that are intermediated through 'creation' and 'transformation' in their works. Eemyun Kang's main themes are rooted in Korean mythology. To Kang, mythological metaphors are not only a way to lead macro discourse on historical traditions and individuals but also a way of discovering the origins of humanity. In this body of recent works, she experiments with the possibility of transforming living creatures and landscapes derived from her previous mythological themes. For Gorka Mohamed, his paintings are deconstructions of messages hidden in the world around him. His works whimsically combine his self-awareness as a contemporary artist with many of the traditions of Spanish Old Masters. His distinctive visual interpretation of his journey through the world lead us to the greater understanding of the contemporary art world where real 'masters' no longer exist and other genres supercede their positions as 'art'. His own position in the politicized struggle of contemporary art is an underling theme which is not immediately obvious in his work, but is constantly revisited in different layers. Jill Mason's rotated landscapes at first sight are secrets waiting to be unlocked by the viewer. Her signature vertical landscape and cryptic titles suggest fresh views of emotionally translating the world. More works on the same theme will be presented at the British Art exhibition “New Speak” organized by the Saatchi collection at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mason's hope for her work is that it will remain as pure paintings in physical existence before imposed theories, references and academic jargon. Her titles are often used as means to evoke a particular emotional interpretation upon highly interpreted images. This breathtaking simplicity is a wonderful way to escape from the overly self-conscious contemporary art world today. In this show, discerning connoisseurs can enjoy the unique experience of understanding the way the artists perceive the world around them. 'Code of Being' or 'riddles' in these paintings reveal a secret of life that we have not yet seen.